Cotton Towel Tablets Magic Compressed Towel

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Experience the convenience of the Magic Compressed Towel, your compact solution to on-the-go hygiene. Crafted from ultra-absorbent material, these innovative towels are compressed into small tablets, expanding into soft, durable towels when exposed to water. Perfect for travel, outdoor adventures, or emergencies, they offer instant refreshment wherever you are. Lightweight and space-saving, they're an essential addition to any backpack, travel kit, or emergency preparedness stash.
Original size: Diameter 8.50 x3.5cm. Put it in water for several seconds. It will be expansile and become a large towel, ampliative size: approx 70 x 140 cm. Weight: 83grams.

Made of 99.99% cotton, Natural, Eco-friendly, Soft and Safety. Easy to use, undyed and unscented, no spices, no preservatives.
Great for travel, outdoors,emergencies,camping,swim,Mountaineering,also can used for office, school, hotel, home and more.

Easy to carry: Small size, allow for convenient storage in backpacks, purses, suitcases, and diaper bags.
Packaging Includes 5 pieces compressed towel, using outdoors and indoors.

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