Stainless Steel Folding Steamer Basket
Stainless Steel Folding Steamer Basket
Stainless Steel Folding Steamer Basket
Stainless Steel Folding Steamer Basket

Stainless Steel Folding Steamer Basket

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Main Features :

1. Durable Construction 🛠️: Made from high-quality stainless steel, this steamer basket is built to last, resisting rust and corrosion for long-term use.

2. Adjustable Size 🍲: The folding design allows for easy adjustment to fit different pot sizes, making it versatile for various cooking needs.

3. Healthy Cooking 🥦: With its steaming capability, this basket helps retain nutrients in your food, promoting healthier cooking.

4. Easy Storage 📦: The collapsible design makes it easy to store in your kitchen cabinet or drawer, saving space when not in use.

5. Multipurpose Use 🍤: Besides steaming vegetables, this basket can also be used for cooking dumplings, seafood, and more, adding versatility to your kitchen arsenal.
High Quality Stainless Steel
Food steamer is made of food grade stainless steel. Steaming is a healthy cooking choice because it helps retain more than 90% of the nutrients lost when boiling.
Expandable And Collapsible Steamer
Vegetable steamer basket collapsed diameter is 5.1 inches. It expands to 9 inches once petals are stretched out. The "wings" that fold in and out allow the steamer fit various pot/pan sizes or pressure cooker, turning any pan into a steamer.
Multiple Functions Steamer
The food steamer can be used as a strainer, fruit basket or serving bowl, also can be used to steam veggies, seafood, eggs, meats, desserts, baby food and more.
Adjustable Size
Opens like a water lily and it folds compactly to save storage space. Constructed with collapsible 18 panels that can be adjusted up to 6.5 inches to 11.2inches.
Turn Any Pot Into a Steamers
Steam your food or vegetable or in any pots with this heavy duty steamer basket that is durable enough to withstand high temperatures. Can expand and fits in various kitchen pots with 5, 6, and even 8-quart capacity.

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